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L'unghia del leone

The incredible life and personality of my grandfather Michele Pierri were the reference point for my version of L'unghia del Leone. Always remained intimate and unpublished in life, the first verses of him have become the symbol of the observation of how much his figure has determined my gaze.

A reminder of something that happened; a reminder of teaching and the way forward; a remembrance that acts like this and is engraved in the present: images and words become mirrors, objects experienced as a position about life. The fragments of memory thus crystalline to become a symbol of the present in the search for an expression of place.

In its proceeding and becoming an image and subsequently a book, this reflection has moved to place and memory as elements seen from both a personal and social perspective in the search for unhinging the passage of time. The fragments of memories crystalline to become a symbol of my present, my history and my current feelings.

It is a here-and-now that uses the past tense.

Artist book

Archive photos and objects; audio recording from the 70s; black plexiglass

Glass, copper frames - under construction -

L'unghia del Leone is the name of  Michele Pierri's first poetic excavations, and since 2012 it has become the title of the work and book by his niece Aminta Pierri. Created for Lina Pallotta's II master's course at the Roman School of Photography, the dummy was exhibited at La Pelanda Macro Testaccio Photobook in 2012, and subsequently published by Witty Books in 2014 and presented at the Paris PhotoBookClub on the occasion of the Off Paris Photo in the same year. The second edition was in 2016.

After various partial shows, the first exhibition was in Naples in 2021 at Magazzini Fotografici

L'unghia del leone special edition

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