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A. eccetera

2016 - 2020

Et cetera [from lat. et cetĕra «and the remaining things»]. – “And all the other things”, “and the rest”, “and so on”


After my mother's death in 2017, the experiences of impotence, overlapping memory and fragmentation have become so overwhelming and inevitable for me, so much so that they embedded themselves in my artistic practice already based on the manipulation of the concept of time.

The term et cetera represents the symbol of all the fragments, the pieces that have broken and scattered after this event, of their infinite accumulation and that I accept as non-compressible in a single synthesis/answer.

All these splinters fail the purpose of a univocal representation and, simultaneously, continuously try to ignite, like scraps of sparks, to chase that same representation transforming themselves into a possibility of overcoming.

Accumulation bears the seed of becoming because it does not close; it does not end; everything that is reinterpreted represents all that remains, that is, that imaginative consolation that is memory.


The work is divided into three chapters, symbiotic but also autonomous.


I’d like to go by climbing a birch tree. (from a poem by Robert Frost)

Prints on 13x18 grayscale pet plates and lightboxes, Canvas 2x3 m

Exhibited at Jest, Turin 2017


A today with eyes unable to see a poet. (from a verse by Arakawa Yoji)


Projection, Objects,

Exhibited at Fonderia 20.9, Verona 2021

The memory is always yours alone.

Oxidized paint on archival images and prints, Accumulation collection

Exhibited at Fonderia 20.9, Verona 2021

exhibition view at Fonderia 20.9 Verona

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